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How to Choose Between PermaWalls and DIY Retaining Walls

Before taking on a large project and investment around your property, there are a number of factors that come into play as you make your decisions on what exactly you are going to do. For instance, when it comes to installing a wall or building your own retaining wall around your home, building, or utility, you have a lot of options to choose from. Security, efficiency, time, and money are all factors that play a large role in deciding how to best secure your property, make it look a little more attractive, and create a less vulnerable area. Here at Permacast, we know you have an increasing number of options, from precast concrete walls to wooden fences and concrete block walls. As you weigh your options, it is important to keep in mind the longevity of your wall and how it may impact your wallet in both the present moment and in the future. Take a look at how our PermaWalls compare to a DIY retaining wall and see how they stack up to your standards.

Nice wood fence on green lawn surrounding home

Wooden Fence

The least expensive route to take when installing or building a wall or fence is wood. But, while a wooden fence or retaining wall looks attractive to many, Mother Nature, termites, and dry rot are no match for this material. Therefore, the additional labor costs and new materials to repair this type of retaining wall can quickly add up, making it not so cost-efficient. In addition, if you are hoping to build a wall that is larger than four feet in height, you will also need to factor in the cost and timeline of hiring an engineer to ensure proper installation and meet any HOA requirements.

Laying concrete blocks for wall

Concrete Block Retaining Wall

Constructing a DIY retaining wall with concrete blocks is by far the easiest way to go about this project. Not to mention, concrete blocks are the second cheapest building material and certainly stack up against wooden walls in terms of strength and durability, which makes them a popular choice for retaining walls. On the surface, it seems like this solution is a no-brainer as you save on time, money, and stress. While these blocks are available in a wide array of styles and colors to ensure an aesthetically pleasing look to complement your property, this “easy way out” may cost you more in the long run, especially when compared to a PermaWall. Concrete block retaining walls are more susceptible to damage by severe weather, tipping and leaning from heavy loads, and breaking as a result of hydrostatic pressure. As with a wooden fence, you may also be looking at outside help to ensure your structure is reinforced and constructed appropriately depending on your desired height.

Precast wall with palm trees and dirt


Precast is not only sustainable and can give you the best return on your investment, but it is also eco-friendly with waste-reducing processes. The procedure of creating a PremaWall includes a careful and specific formula that actually strengthens over time, making your wall stronger and more durable instead of weakening. With a low cost of precast concrete coupled with long-term sustainability and protection for both your wall and property, your wallet is sure to thank you. In addition to cost efficiency, resilience, and longevity, PermaWalls are also customizable to ensure an eye-catching and pleasing aesthetic is created along your property line. Find great ideas on how to create a fantastic and brilliant precast wall here.

Damaged and collapsed fence

Common Problems

Ensuring your structure is built correctly and with the best materials will eliminate common problems caused by human error, construction oversights, and Mother Nature herself. Drainage, reinforcements, and foundation are key to a solid wall to combat occurrences such as hydrostatic pressure from wet soil behind the wall or overly saturated and freezing soil, which can break your wall. The local climate, severe storms, and natural disasters such as earthquakes, can cause harm and damage to your walls and surrounding areas, especially if they tip or fall due to weakened materials. Luckily, PremaWalls are made to withstand such serious conditions while protecting your property. 

Multicolored concrete fence with various textures

Security and Durability

If you are looking to create a sound and secure structure to protect valuable and vulnerable property or items, there is no better option than a PermaWall. While creating your own DIY retaining wall may seem like the best option in terms of cost and effectiveness, when you compare a wooden wall or concrete block wall to our PermaWall, DIY simply does not stack up. If your goal is to create a more attractive backyard or clean property line, cheap can still be expensive. Building and installing the best structure the correct way the first time will not only save you the hassle of repairs, cost of materials, and your valuable time, but you might actually be in the same exact position you are in now, depending on the issue at hand.


Most people will argue that building a strong and stable wall is much easier, cost-effective, and less stressful than needing to repair or replace a wall later down the road. PermaWalls are designed to not only protect and secure your property, but they are built-in problem solvers made to last and grow stronger as time goes on. Here at Permacast, we know your investment should only get better as time goes on, and your precast concrete wall is sure to meet and exceed all of your needs and desires.