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How To Extend a Permacast Wall

Sometimes when we don’t know what the future holds, commitment can be hard, especially when it comes to making an investment in your property. While you know a precast wall or fence is necessary to increase security, privacy, and protection from severe weather, it can be difficult to know exactly how long and high your wall should be. After researching HOA guidelines, calculating potential growth, and talking with professionals, years pass and the need for a longer or higher structure may still become imperative. Luckily, Permacast walls and fences are designed in a specific way that allows for this sort of flexibility, so you can easily extend a precast wall, both vertically and horizontally. 

Houses behind a concrete wall

Reasons to Extend a Precast Wall

As your community, business, plant, or security needs grow, so can your precast wall. Housing developments with surrounding security walls that are building more units and welcoming more community members are bound to require more linear feet for their wall. If you find that the current security and privacy you have from nearby neighbors or a busy street isn’t suiting your needs, extending the height of your wall is a great solution. When the time comes, having a Permacast wall is sure to save you time, money, and stress as the team builds upon your existing structure.

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Flexible Design of Permacast Walls

All Permacast walls and fences are designed to be fully customizable to meet your individual style, preferences, and desires. From height and length to mixing and matching sandstone, stacked stone, and square stone textures, the versatility and flexibility of these walls are why it is so easy to extend your precast wall. In addition, Permacast concrete fences and walls are constructed by sliding into one another, which allows for greater customization and easy installation. PermaFences are also designed to seamlessly link to a PermaWall and vice versa, so you can keep a sleek, minimalistic, and attractive design in the front of your property and a more durable and secure structure around the back. 

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How Do You Extend a Precast Wall?

Extending a typical concrete wall requires careful examination and assessment by a professional contractor to ensure the existing structure is able to hold the additional weight. Especially if you are looking to extend your wall vertically, many professionals might suggest and advise that you replace your existing structure altogether rather than build upon it in order to reduce risks. However, Permacast walls are different. With new technology and innovative product solutions, these precast walls not only require a lot less power and machinery to install but are easily able to withstand the additional weight and extensions thanks to their durable and sustainable designs.

Before installing a wall or fence, think ahead to your future and potential for growth. Permacast walls not only offer efficiency and affordability now, but over time, the concrete will harden creating increased strength year after year. Then, when the time comes to extend your precast fence or wall, the process will continue to be as easy as possible. No matter if you are looking to increase security, reduce disturbances, or enhance your custom design, the trusted experts at Permacast will be here ready to get started.