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Permacast on how to install concrete retaining walls

Tips for Installing Retaining Walls

Proper landscaping isn’t always about making your land look pretty.  Many times, proper landscaping can save your property.  When you install retaining walls, you are protecting your property from potential damage that comes from soil erosion, flooding, and sinkholes.  The retaining walls hold back soil that is sliding due to uneven land.  

How to Install Retaining Walls

At Permacast, we create strong and long lasting retaining walls with beautiful finishes.  We highly recommend professional installation for retaining walls so that you get the best results. We understand the process behind installation.  Here are some tips for how to install retaining walls.

First, you need to plan your installation.  Know where your retaining walls need to be placed, and have an expert take a look and see where potential issues could be and how they can be avoided.  Find out if you need any permits for installation, and get the proper permits that you need.  You also want to see what standards they may have that may exceed basic installation practices.

When installing, you will need to create a gravel base and a deep hole to stabilize the retaining wall.  You will want to plan on at least 8-12 inches of base for each wall.  Make sure that you have the appropriate equipment necessary to dig, move the retaining walls, and complete the installation process.  

Always plan for drainage at the base of your retaining wall.  Remember, one of the goals of the retaining wall is to stop flooding caused by uneven ground.  This means that the retaining wall can gather lots of water.  You want that water to drain away to a safe place, instead of gathering.

After being installed, the walls should be sealed.  When you choose Permacast, our durable retaining walls will be sealed for protection.  You should also make sure you use backfill to support your retaining walls.
Because we want you to get the most from your investment, Permacast recommends that you use our professional installation services. Our installation team will assess your property with a professional eye.  They will know exactly where and how to install you retaining walls so that they are effective.  At Permacast, our installation team will provide the experience and tools necessary to ensure that your retaining walls work efficiently and withstand the test of time.