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Brown wooden fence with rotting bottom

How to Know When It’s Time to Repair VS Replace Your Fence?

Has your fence been looking a little neglected lately? Maybe your fence has some splinters, cracks, holes, loose posts, or other damage that needs repairing. Or perhaps your fence could use some updating to make it match your modern landscaping or exterior of your home. Whatever the case is, how do you know when replacing your fence outright is a better option than making a repair? While the experts here at Permacast know all about fences, we are here to provide some guidance on whether you should repair or replace your existing fence.

Reasons to Repair Your Fence

Wooden fence being repaired

Common Wood Fence Repairs

Wooden fences often get small holes or cracks in the panels for a myriad of reasons. However, these can be easily repaired with simple wood filler or putty. Wooden fences that have warped, splintered, or suffered more severe damage can be quickly repaired by replacing just the damaged boards. Keep in mind that these repairs can be obvious to the human eye without staining the wood to match the other panels or painting over the filler or putty.

Damaged vinyl fence post

Common Vinyl Fence Repairs

When it comes to vinyl fences, the most common problem is cracked panels. This can happen after a heavy snowfall, hail, tropical storm, or being impacted by debris or other objects. While the only way to repair this type of damage is by replacing the panel or section of panels that experienced the damage, it typically requires a few pieces of material, some time, and patience.

Welding the corner of a metal fence

Common Aluminum Fence Repairs

When aluminum fences need repairs, you might need to dig up and repack the dirt to steady and secure loose poles, replace a few posts like a vinyl fence, or hire a welder to make adjustments. These damages can be due to things like heavy rain, wind, snow, ice, tropical storms, and more. If you do find yourself replacing a few posts here and there, be sure to choose the best color to match the rest of your fence, unless you plan on repainting the whole thing.

Reasons to Replace Your Fence

Heavily damaged vinyl fence and tree

It is More Than 20% Damaged

Time, money, and effort are the three factors to consider when weighing your options to repair your fence or replace it altogether. Many people will tell you that if you need to make repairs on 20% or more of your fence panels or replace more than two posts, then it is best to replace the entire structure. What seems like a minor repair project, can actually turn out to be time-consuming and end up costing you more money after materials, paint, and labor are calculated.

Old and outdated wooden fence 

The Fence is Old

Since most fences can last between 20 and 50 years, with the proper upkeep, remind yourself how old your fence is before making repairs. If your fence is older, it may be time to consider an entire fence overhaul. In the case of repairing older fences, depending on the type and color of your structure, you might have a hard time finding the perfect matching pieces to complete your repairs successfully and seamlessly.  Repairing an old fence will also inevitably lead to needing more repairs down the road. If this looks like it might be the case for your fence, consider a full replacement and save yourself some time, money, and headache.

precast stone fence in front of blue house

Your Needs Have Changed

Regardless of if your fence is fully intact or in need of some repairs, sometimes it is time to replace your entire fence if only to accommodate your current needs. For instance, an increase in privacy might be important, a higher fence to contain a new dog or pet, or an update in style to match the landscape or exterior of your home. Whatever the case may be, shop for your new fence with confidence knowing that a replacement will be able to meet all your needs and lessen the chance for repairs in the near future.

As you weigh your options of repairing or replacing your fence, take into consideration both the short-term and the long-term expenses of this project. Does it make more sense to make repairs and adjustments now, or is it time to replace and start with a fresh, durable, and updated fence? Are the repairs going to make a difference or are these band-aids to the true problem? Whatever you decide is the best choice for you, the next time you replace your fence, we recommend starting with a precast fence to eliminate this hassle in the future. Here at Permacast, we know our fences and walls provide the most affordable, durable, sustainable, and efficient solution for any property.