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How to Protect Your Home From Storm Damage

How to Protect Your Home From Storm Damage

Storm damage is devastating and difficult for to recover from. A few weeks ago, tornados ravaged Sarasota & Manatee county in the city of Tampa near our home. There were two reported deaths, 5 injured, and over 60 homes and businesses damaged. The total cost in damages estimated at $12 million according to the Bradenton Herald. Both tornadoes rated as EF2s, with estimated peak winds at 130mph, and a path width of 300+ yards. That is well over the length of a football field.

How to Protect Your Home From Storm Damage

Tornados can happen anywhere regardless of climate or location. One way to defend your property from storm damage is by installing a precast concrete fence. The wind itself is damaging, but what it picks up in its wake causes the most destruction.​

How to Protect Your Home From Storm Damage

Permacast Walls precast concrete walls made of 5,000 psi panels are able to withstand most storm strength winds.

How to Protect Your Home From Storm Damage

Hurricanes are Just as vicious as tornados if not more so. Not only do they produce incredible winds, but flooding follows in their wake. Precast concrete walls help reduce the amount of damage that results from storm surges.  They will not rot or corrode from prolonged exposure to flood waters.

Storm Preparation

Mother nature can throw a lot of things our way that can damage our properties. Having a precast concrete wall or fence is your best first line of defense against anything mother nature can throw at you. In addition to having a good protective barrier, there are other steps you should take when preparing for a natural disaster:

  • Create your storm safety plan
  • Create an emergency kit
  • Review evacuation routes

Repairing Storm Damage

After any storm, once it is safe, you need to assess any damage caused. A storm can cause damage to the roof, windows, electrical, and interior of your home. If there is loss, contact your insurance company immediately. Some insurance policies limit your time to file a claim so don’t wait for more damage to occur.

How to Protect Your Home From Storm Damage

After you contact your insurance provider, you should review the contractors available to you. Even if the insurance company approves of your contractor, it is important to look into them. The contractor needs to be a specialist in storm repair, and willing to provide local references.

Contracting Scams

There are contractors out there running scams on unsuspecting people. Just looking to make a quick buck with no quality in their work. Things to look out for when looking into a contractor are:

  • P.O. Box only, no physical address
  • Can’t provide local references
  • Under-insured
  • Requires money up front

There are free directories available online to connect you with experienced storm repair contractors.

Storms are damaging and frightening. They hit those unaware even more severely than those who have taken steps to prepare. Prepare now, and hire Permacast Walls to help prevent storm damage to your property. Call today at (888) 977-9255 or contact us online for an estimate.