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hurricane damage in florida

Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage

With so many hurricanes that affect our Florida residents, it can be a scary concept to leave your property unprotected.  Here are some tips for weatherproofing your personal property and protecting it from hurricane damage in Florida.

Hurricane Damage in Florida Can Be Prevented With These Tips

Reinforce Windows and Doors

Reinforcing your windows and doors is a must to prevent hurricane damage.  To do this, you can use shutters or reinforced glass.  These can be permanent fixtures, or just temporary solutions when you know a hurricane may be approaching soon.  You can also use an impact-resistant glass for windows and doors when you first install them.


Weatherstripping doors and windows is also a good idea to prevent hurricane damage.   A weather strip is exactly what it sounds like-  a long strip to insulate the perimeter of your doors and windows. This typically takes care of small gaps that may occur over time around the perimeter or during installation.  Weather stripping is effective not only from protecting your property from storms, but it keeps the temperature regulated in your building.

Roof Reinforcement

Reinforcing your roof can help prevent hurricane damage.  Gables and shingles can become loose in a hurricane, and should definitely be reinforced if you know that a storm is coming up.

Permacast Fencing

Installing a Permacast fence around your property is one of the best ways you can protect it from the weather. Permacast fencing is weather resistant and can withstand high winds.  Installing a Permacast fence can protect your property from the high winds and serves as a barrier.   Permacast fencing will not deteriorate over time due to moisture.