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Indoor-Outdoor Living In 2019 And Beyond

Ready to take the open-living concept to the next level?

Indoor-outdoor living designs are among some of the most innovative going these days. Designers, architects, and homeowners are discovering ingenious ways to extend the living space, blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors. We’re loving the clean, modern lines and use of rich materials together especially. Here are 5 ways to up your indoor-outdoor living game.

Mix Your Materials

Along with concrete water features, fire pits, and other accents, concrete fencing is making a major impression in many backyards. There’s an emphasis on combining materials and textures for a uniquely custom effect. Wood, copper, metal, and concrete come together in the natural landscape to glorious ends.

Open Up Your Kitchen

Versatility and openness are important concepts in indoor-outdoor living design. Interior living spaces are opening up even further to make the transition from inside to outside as seamless as possible. As a result, sliders are bigger and longer than ever (as long as 25 feet, in some cases), and many homes are using bi-fold doors to make the separation “disappear.” In other rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows get the job done.

Grow A Living Wall

Vertical gardens are a great way to bring the outdoors inside, but they look great outside, too. These green walls are built in panels with water systems built right in. They can be custom designed to suit even the smallest of areas. Efficient, health-giving, and a powerful design statement, living walls are a great way to invite the outdoors in.

Build an Outdoor Bathroom

Outdoor design is often divided into various spaces; kind of outdoor “rooms” that serve a variety of functions. One way this is achieved is by creating a multi-leveled environment, with some dedicated spaces raised up and others sunken in. Outdoor showers and tubs can be privatized by fencing, screens, or other panels that blend into the outdoor area and yet signify a different “room.”

Light Up The Night

Sure, outdoor lighting is nothing new. We’ve been spotlighting and illuminating our gardenscapes, walkways, entryways and more for years, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. But today’s outdoor lighting has gotten a major upgrade, from chandeliers and pendants to showpiece fixtures that spark conversation.