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Installation Process for Precast Concrete Fences

Precast concrete is a production of a casting concrete into a reusable mold. Before starting your installation of precast concrete fences, you’ll need to have all measurements for the fence, starting from any specific details about the property.

Installation of Precast Concrete Fences

Installation is an easy and streamlined process.  Here is how we install your precast concrete fence.

Begin with Specifications

All of the design factors will be taken into consideration such as concrete surface, color, the design of the concrete.   Once we gather all the design specifications we will then proceed with creating a detailed drawing.


As we’re determining design specifications, we will also be taking into consideration other aspects of the project.  This includes the gate or opening locations, property lines, fence placement, the location of security, lighting features and other details pertinent to the construction project.


As the panels are being precast, professionals mobilize on the job site for the concrete fence to be installed. The footings are to be set, and an auger is used to drill the holes (every 15’ on center). It is then laid out and set to grade. These are then filled with concrete.

Wall Sections are Ready to be Installed

We wait for the footings to be cured with the extended structural support, then install the wall sections that are removed from the delivery truck.  These are easily installed by section onto your property.

Wall section will then be lined up with the protruding steel supports. We make sure the wall is aligned with the panel end. Once it is aligned meeting the next structural support team, the rigging is then removed. We repeat the installation process for each panel until the fence is up.


For precast concrete fences

During the production stage, each section will represent an individual precast concrete wall panel and will be sent to the production team for quality assurance. Once the molds have been produced, it will be transported to the fence installation site.

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