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Signs You Need to Increase Security on Your Property

If you are a property owner, you are responsible for the safety of your property and the people on it.  Increasing the security of your property is no small task, and can require a great deal of time and effort. Before you invest in high-level security measures, like a concrete fence in Orlando, read these signs that your property needs more security.

It’s Time for a Concrete Fence in Orlando If You See These Signs

The Crime Statistics Are High or Rising

Pay attention to crime statistics in your area. Crime statistics are updated periodically, and usually will include valuable information about your area. Not only will they describe the frequency of crime in your area, they will usually also point to the type of crime that is frequently committed.  This will allow you to determine whether you need more security, and also what kind of security you may need.

The Community Is Nervous

Make it a point to know your neighbors, even if you are the owner of a commercial building. People in the community tend to talk, and can often be your first resource when it comes to criminal activity. If a new crime wave is happening or there have been a series of break-ins in your area, crime statistics don’t reflect temporary issues. However, if you are involved in your community and you hear that there have been issues, you can provide your building with temporary security measures to make sure they don’t happen to you.

Police Response is Slow

This tends to happen in large cities or suburbs of smaller cities. If an area is covered by the same Police Department where there is also an area with high crime, even if the specific area you are located in is not a hot crime spot, police response time can be slow. Your vandalism may be less important than a shooting within the same jurisdiction. If you live in an area that is covered by the same Police Department as a high-crime area, you should increase your level of security with a concrete fence in Orlando.

There’s Been An Incident

Obviously the most direct method of knowing that you need to increase your security is if there’s been an incident on your property.  Whether the incident comes from an intruder on your property, or your own employees, this is a definite sign that you need to increase the security on premises.
What was the incident that first clued you in to increase your security?  Let us know in the comments below.


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