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Lunch And Learn With Us

Want to know more about how precast concrete can work for you? Join us for lunch and we’ll tell you all about it.

Here’s how it works: Our team fields requests from those in the building community, HOAs, and other industry professionals to talk about our precast concrete solutions. We come to you, but we also invite you to visit us. AtĀ our facility you can really see the entire operation come alive from start to finish via a plant tour. Whether we’re on your site or ours, the substance of our talk is the same. We provide a 30-minute PowerPoint that discusses our products and differentiates our system from others. We talk efficiency of design and fabrications, showing you how that translates into lower per linear cost for you. What else?

You’ll get a sense of our team and our process. For instance, we’ll make you aware of our in-house fabrication team who can quickly ramp up production for large or special projects (after all, they weld their own steel molds and make their own rubber liners). These guys can take on a call for two miles of wall and pull it off in two months vs. the four you’ll be quoted elsewhere. You’ll learn that we have the highest capacity of any precast company, able to produce more linear feet than anyone else out there, and to do more work more quickly than our competitors. And you’ll become acquainted with our level of customer service, carried out by an exceptional sales team. Our lunch and learns can accommodate groups of all sizes, and we cater and plan the lunch ourselves. Our goal is to deliver great product knowledge to you and your team and to establish what sets us apart from the competition. The big takeaway? That we’re a well-oiled machineā€”professional, principled, and high-quality.

It’s all that and a bag of chips.