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Things Tenants Look for When Renting Commercial Space

If you are looking to rent out commercial space, you need to offer what your tenants need.  Business rental is very specific.  Your potential tenants are seeking a variety of things that need to be available to them when it becomes time to rent.  To attract reliable and steady businesses, here are some things tenants look for when renting commercial space.

Maintenance, Stone Fencing, and Other Ways to Attract Commercial Tenants


Reliable Maintenance

Commercial tenants are a unique breed.  They rely on a space that reflects how they want to portray their business.  Part of this reflection is making sure that everything is in working order, all of the time.  Whether you are a hands-on property manager, or hire someone to be on call, you need to make sure your buildings are taken care of. Tenants should have a number to reach that is constantly available, and every call should be taken care of promptly and courteously.  A reputation of having a good landlord who is responsive to tenant’s needs goes a long way.



Business locations hold valuable items to the owner.  Client information and company equipment are two of the main items of concern.  The safety of the people on the property are also a factor.  The better security you can offer your occupants, the more comfortable they will be.  Depending on the property, high duty locks, shatterproof windows, and an alarm system can make a big difference.  In addition, perimeter security is very helpful, especially if you have a large parking lot and tenants need to walk to their vehicle.  Stone fencing can be a great security option.



Potential tenants will be assessing the comfort level at their first walk-through, especially if their business has on-site clients on a regular basis.  Making sure that your building is well lit, and has effective heating/air conditioning systems installed is a plus.  



People will envision their expectations within your building.  You should base the space on the type of businesses you want to attract.  If you want offices, you want cozy spaces that can be easily converted.  If you want warehouse clients, you can keep the space more bare.  Make sure the way you have designed the building fits a certain type of tenant, but is versatile enough to convert.
If you want to have a successful rental property for commercial tenants, you can start by considering their needs.  With these tips, you will be off to a great start on attracting the right businesses to your property.