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Make it Fancy: Illuminating Your Precast Fence, Wall, and Property with Solar-Powered Lighting

Illuminating and lighting up specific areas of your fence, wall, ground, surroundings, etc. while keeping the overall integrity and beautiful aesthetic of your property can seem like a tall order. In addition, hiding cords and keeping the area safe from kids, pets, power trips, fire hazards, and overheating is imperative to creating a secure property. The perfect solution to satisfy all your needs as you keep your property well-lit is solar-powered lighting. To help you make the best decision, the experts here at Permacast are sharing everything you need to know when deciding to install solar lamps and solar-powered lighting on your precast fences and walls.

Round solar power lamp on white concrete wall

Eco-Friendly and Economical Solar Lighting

Choosing solar-powered lighting for your Permacast structure means that you are also choosing to reduce your carbon footprint. This eco-friendly and economical option requires no cords or electrical outlets, which means the placement of your lamps is truly dependent upon your heart’s desire and the structure’s aesthetic. The built-in solar panels of these light sources are powered by sunlight during the day and, with the help of a few batteries, automatically illuminate a bright light as the sun sets in the evening. Solar-powered lighting is a generally safe way to reduce your electricity bill, keep your property lit all night long, and ensure your lamps don’t run out of power with clean, renewable energy.

Contemporary solar powered lamp on top of concrete fence post surrounding a home

What to Consider When Choosing Solar Lights

Before committing to solar lights for your property, there are a few things to keep in mind. Although the investment you make into the purchase of solar lamps is typically higher than traditional lighting options, your electricity bill is sure to reflect the lower cost of sustainable energy. Without the need to plug in your lighting source, these fixtures are also able to easily be repositioned as needed and offer an elegant, modern, luxurious, and sleek look to your Permacast fence or wall. On your way to a brighter and cheaper future, be sure to check the batteries every so often to ensure your solar lamps are in the best working condition. However, don’t get discouraged if your solar lamps seem dull in the evening after a cloudy or gloomy day. After all, they run on sun. While shopping for new solar lighting, keep your eye on products that say LED, waterproof or weatherproof, and durable, so you can get the longest life possible out of your lamps.

Black solar light on brown stone wall

Types of Solar Lamps for Your Precast Wall

As with all types of lighting fixtures, solar-powered lights can be found in a wide variety of styles, shapes, brands, and colors. Four of the most popular include solar rock lights, decorative lamps, spotlights or floodlights, and motion sensor solar lights. While a solar rock lamp can seamlessly fit and blend right into the look for your precast concrete fence or wall, decorative solar lamps are eye-catching and enhance the look of your fence in a classic or contemporary way. Solar spotlights are exceptional at illuminating the large area encompassed by your PermaWall, in addition to highlighting the design of your structure. When it comes to security, motion sensor solar lights often deter criminals away from your property as they turn on only when a moving object is sensed nearby. Each type of solar lamp is typically easy to install and will likely come equipped with all the tools you need to do it yourself. Maintenance is also easy and simply takes a wet rag to remove any dust, dirt, or grime that your lamp may collect over time.

If it’s time to enhance your Permacast wall and fence in a way that complements the design of your structure, the surrounding areas, your personal taste, the environment, and your wallet, look no further. As experts in the field who have seen it all, you can be sure that exploring solar-powered lighting to brighten up your property is a simple, sound, and eco-friendly investment with countless benefits.