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Meet Our Ballistic Resistant Wall

What does it mean to be ballistic-resistant? We’ll tell you.

“Ballistics” refers to any projectile that is operating under force. Most often we use the term to describe bullets or other projectiles that issue from a weapon. Here at Permacast, we naturally concern ourselves with how protective our walls and fences can be. We made them as weather resistant as possible, and then we turned our attention to making them as ballistic proof, too.

Given the fact that our products often serve the highest of purposes—both protecting people and protecting our crucial public facilities—it follows that they should be able to withstand any type of threat. It’s not enough that they make a community difficult to access for people who shouldn’t be there, they must protect against the worst of threats as well. That’s why our ballistic resistant wall—intended to¬†surround power plants, water treatment plants, natural gas processing plants and oil refineries—is designed to withstand a .50 caliber bullet. Our product meets all Global Ballistic Standards as well as the Level 10 UL 752 requirements. This is what it means to be ballistic resistant. We’re able to offer this measure of protection without sacrificing our wall’s good looks, either.

When we say that safety is one of our highest priorities, we mean it. As technology develops and the need arises, Permacast will always seek to provide walls and fencing that meet or surpass new standards for safety.