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Meet PermaFence

Think of PermaFence as an amazing alternative to all the other fencing out there. It’s hardier, longer-lasting, and dare-we-say more attractive than the other guys. It’s slight, flexible, and designed to endure all of the harshest weather that it might come up against. That goes for too much sun, too. Where other fencing might warp and rot, PermaFence stays bright, solid, and steadfast. Oh, and it can withstand 250 mph winds, too.

Introducing PermaWall 1.0 & 2.0

They come in a variety of heights and textures. They slide right into each other and the PermaFence. They can be completely customized to suit your project or community, so don’t worry about blending in; PermaWall adds value to your scene. They offer excellent protection and make an amazing sound barrier. They’re appropriate for schools, churches, housing communities, public facilities, and more. Oh and over time, they only get stronger. What’s not to love?