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Wood Is Great If You’re A Tree

Options are what makes America the strongest economy on the planet. If you’re looking for a new car, you don’t start with old technology like diesel but rather explore lots of new options with hybrid and full electric cars. Some are even uber-stylish like the very attractive Tesla. Did you know that they have a button called “ludicrous mode” which gives the driver crazy-fast acceleration? Why would you go back to the car lot and buy the same old car with outdated technology? The same holds true if you’re designing a custom-built home and looking for the newest technology in fences.

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Wood is fantastic if you’re a tree but less so if you’re a single-family home. Wood looks good initially, but is susceptible to Mother Nature, most notably termites and dry rot.

The material and labor cost of replacing wood products can quickly eat up your wallet, in addition to your patience. Instead of replacing the analogous water pump, clutch and transmission, you’re dumping money into replacing your home’s wood fence, wood deck, and window trim to name just a few money pits.

Breakthrough Technology With Permacast Fencing In Custom Finishes

Technology advances for a reason. The same should be true with home improvement materials. Many contractors use wood because that’s what they know. However, more progressive contractors understand that homeowners want to participate in newer technologies that embrace sustainability.

You may say, “Hey wait a minute!” Cement has been around for about 12 million years. However, cement is not concrete. New technologies come into play with composite material aggregate bonded with cement. Even the Romans used concrete as evidenced by the Colosseum which still remains today. I’m sure if the Colosseum was made with vinyl or wood it would be long gone, like the wooden elements of most homes in about eight to 10 years.

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For many Americans, homeownership is one of the largest investment in their lifetime. Wouldn’t you want your home to last as long as the Panama Canal, Hoover Dam or the Roman Pantheon? So, do your research. Ask your friends and neighbors, post the question on social media, if you were building your home and fence today, what materials would you recommend I use? Some folks unfamiliar with Permacast Fencing might suggest what to avoid, including wood. Be a smart homeowner who looks to the newest technology for sustainability, eco-friendliness and the best ROI on their home investment. Don’t be a tree.

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