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How Noise Pollution Can Be Dangerous

Have you ever found yourself irritated in the middle of a noisy and crowded place? It is indeed reasonable as noise pollution actually affects both your health and behavior.

Block Noise Pollution for Long-Term Health

It’s natural to assume that for most people, unwanted noise leads to behavioral and emotional distress. What many people don’t realize is that regular exposure to noise has negative consequences to our bodies and our health.  If you can block noise pollution, you have a better chance of avoiding these consequences.

The following are some of the major effects of noise pollution:

Leads to hearing loss. We often hear that we naturally lose our hearing as we age, but this can actually be due to noise.  Even a sudden sharp loud noise can lead to permanent damage of your hearing.

Emotional and behavioral stress. Due to the heating of our eardrums, loud noises naturally causes us stress. A prolonged and excessive noise can lead to serious emotional problems such as mental fatigue, aggression, and anxiety.

The effect of noise increases heartbeat, dilation of pupils and constriction of blood which explains why we have trouble sleeping in loud places.

Increase the risk of health problems. Noise pollution increases the risk of serious diseases such as heart failure, headache and anything related to blood pressure. It may even cause damage to the heart, liver, and brain.

Has a negative impact on sleep quality. Excessive noise can lead to a whole host of sleeping disorders especially if your sleep is being interrupted all the time.

Why is noise pollution hazardous to your physical health?

The main effect of excessive noise is causing a stress response in your body. When this happens, adrenaline is released, blood pressure rises, muscle tense and blood vessels constrict. The reason behind this is that our body is naturally and involuntarily responding to the noise as a warning signal.

With all these side effects, long-term noise pollution can eventually lead to increased aggression, reduced motivation, impaired cognitive development (especially in children) and may also affect your task performance.


To improve the quality of life on your property, invest in precast concrete fencing, which is known to help block noise pollution. There are also many things you can do to help reduce noise pollution in your everyday life.  Do you have any suggestions?  Let us know in the comments below!