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Precast Concrete Wall Installations in the Carolinas
Serving Charlotte, Columbia & Other Major Cities

In addition to being the best precast concrete supplier in Florida and Texas, Permacast is now proud to bring its five-star service to the Carolinas. From beginning to end, trust Permacast for all your concrete wall and fence needs in Charlotte, Columbia and other major cities. Our goal is to see through your project from the initial specs through to assembly and those finishing touches. Need a brick- or stone-textured concrete wall for a new housing development? Permacast is here with low-relief precast textured walls that look stunning at a lower cost than other North Carolina concrete wall makers can supply. Looking for a security wall for a large public works project? Permacast provides the toughest, strongest and safest walls on the market – guaranteed.

See our list of precast installation service locations here. But no matter where you are, rest assured Permacast is ready and willing to discuss your next fencing project with you today.

Contact us today for help with your next concrete wall project. Just send us your estimated linear feet requirements and we’ll get started on your project today. Not ready to take the next steps? Browse our gallery of completed concrete wall projects to see the variety of affordable and attractive walls in our wheelhouse. We are also happy to take on custom projects as we build all of our own molds and can tweak everything to your specifications. Contact us below or call us at (888) 977-9225 to get a free estimate on your North Carolina concrete wall project.