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Permacast is proud to service Oklahoma, the home of so much economic activity in the country – natural gas and oil production, energy, telecommunications, aviation, biotechnology and more. One way to keep your investment safe and secure is with a top-of-the-line Ballistic Resistant Wall by Permacast Walls.

We know walls, and our service area covers Tulsa, Oklahoma City and anywhere else in the state.

Our Ballistic Resistant Wall design (BRD) is precision-crafted to protect the most vulnerable facilities, like power plant substations, water treatment plants, natural gas process plants, oil refineries and the very best Oklahoma has to offer. Our patent-pending PermaWall 2.0 BRD design deters and disrupts potential attacks. It is ballistic resistant, blast-resistant and crash-resistant and meets the Level 10 UL 752 requirements, meaning it can resist a .50 caliber bullet, and passes all Global Ballistic Standards.

If you’re looking for the best wall Oklahoma can buy, count on the Ballistic Resistant Wall from Permacast Walls.

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