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Precast Concrete Fence – Protecting Your Gated Community

At Permacast, our Orlando precast concrete fence is designed to protect your property.  Orlando Precast Concrete Fence

Gated communities are often chosen by residents for the safety they offer.  

Protecting your gated community is a priority. And there are steps that owners of gated communities can take in order to increase the safety of their community.

Part of what makes a gated community so protected is the gate- or, the fence.  

Why Our Orlando Precast Concrete Fence is the Right Choice

Our precast fencing is offered in six foot, eight foot, and custom heights, providing privacy and protection.  Using concrete ensures that the fence is impenetrable.

Make sure the entry to your gated community is secure and only enterable by residents and staff of the community.  Be sure to have a professional regularly check to make sure it is in working order.  Especially if you are doing this by creating an electronic process for entry.

Allow them the authority to make repairs on the spot if needed.  There should never be a period of time when the gate and fail safes of a gated community are not in proper working order.

Crime Prevention is a Must

Owners of gated communities can take other measures to prevent crime.  Video surveillance is a commonly used and very effective method.  

Not only does the presence of video surveillance discourage criminal activity, but it provides a record to review if anything unfortunately does happen. 

This ensures the guilty parties can be caught and future crimes prevented.  Motion sensors are also commonly used and can prevent criminal activity.

Hiring a great security team is essential for security of a gated community in areas with a tendency toward criminal activity.  

Outsourcing a security team is recommended for most gated communities, because you are guaranteed a professional staff.  You can employ your own security team, however, if you have the resources and capabilities to train them.  

A well trained team is essential to their productivity and professionalism.  Conducting background checks is highly recommended.

Keep the Lights On

Make sure all points of entry to your community and throughout the community are well lit.  This allows your security team and your residents to be aware if anyone attempts to enter the property who is not welcome.  

A well-lit area will prevent entry that requires a lot of time and effort, such as scaling an Orlando precast concrete fence or climbing the gate.

Keep the members of your gated community informed on safety measures of their own.  Warn them against tailgaters who may look to steal the security code, if there is one.  

Let them know that they can be vigilant and aware in order to increase the safety of the community in general.

Protecting your community as the owner of a gated community is your main priority.  When your residents feel safe and taken care of, your community will be happy and people will be eager to live in it.