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Landscaping Trends for Summer 2017

The outside of your home is the perfect way to extend your home. What should be a small dining area or living space can trickle into the backyard. That gives you more room to entertain and more nooks in your home where you can relax and unwind. This is also a great way to introduce greenery into your home, from colorful flowers to trees with interesting shapes. Whatever the aesthetic of your home is, there is a perfect landscape that can fit it.

 Our Precast Concrete Finishes Are The Perfect Compliment to 2017’s Summer Landscaping Trends

In fact, there are simple ways for you to turn any outdoor space you have to a trendy landscape design. To help you do that, here are the landscaping trends for this summer of 2017.

Rustic is Back

Gone are the days of minimalism, where the guiding principle of landscaping is crisp lines, symmetric features, and simple overall concept. It’s now the time to bring back the cozy, rustic and almost DIY-looking landscaping. Designers are noticing that more and more homeowners are asking for gardens or backyards that look like a happy accident, with old fashioned, wooden decks, swing seating and mismatched outdoor furniture. Homeowners prefer something authentic and organic in their gardens.  They’re also choosing lighter tones for precast concrete finishes, instead of the more majestic styles.

Source Locally

It’s not just restaurants that are going through a farm-to-table revolution.  Even landscaping has joined the trend. Garden designers are advocating for the use of endemic, meaning those that naturally thrive in the ecosystem where the home is in, and local plants. That way they’re easier to take care of, and they fit more seamlessly with the aesthetic of the home and the community.

For many landscapers, this is the best response to the extreme weather conditions that have been plaguing the world, thanks to climate change. Plants sourced locally or those endemic to a particular ecosystem have a higher propensity to survive these weather conditions.

Color Blocking

More commonly used in fashion, color blocking is using a set of colors to contrast or complement each other. The goal is to create the most possible impact through clustering these colors and playing them against each other. Now, it’s becoming a popular trend with outdoor living spaces. A lot of outdoor designers are using patio walls to add art, plants or fixtures that they can color block.

For most designers, the idea is to use the color as means to either highlight or frame features. You can use a bright color, like mustard, to complement the green plants hanging by it. The same effect can even be achieved with rags or throw pillows.

What’s your favorite summer design trend?  Let us know in the comments below!