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It’s Not Your Granddad’s Concrete

The words concrete walls bring up images of durable yet ugly structures. That might be an extreme, but when was the last time you drove by a concrete wall, stopped and said, “I think I’ll take a picture and put it on Instagram.”

PermaBrick: Classic Brick Walls

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then there must be a lot of people that don’t see very well.  Truth is there are good and bad designs. For those who’ve had to replace inferior wood and plastic products around their home, they know the value of much more durable concrete. However, fewer folks know that durability and design can go hand-in-hand. With this in mind, concrete PermaBrick classic brick walls with a hand laid brick design can be very attractive.

Elegant Brick Designs Provide A Timeless Architectural Beauty To Your Home

Brick design provides a classic beauty to your home and is a very popular wall finish. Moreover, a brick design allows for various decorative colors from multi-color to historical deep red. Great design can achieve a classic style providing an ageless look and texture. Unlike the significant labor cost of hand laid bricks, a PermaBrick wall with decorative brick or slate elements can be incorporated to substantively improve curb appeal in addition to increasing longevity.

Solid Wall Construction

It’s surprising where concrete design can impress you. You might walk into a restaurant with a stained concrete floor, initially thinking it was another more expensive material but were surprised to find out it was concrete. Most people only think of the longevity of concrete and are only more recently realizing the ability to fabricate different designs and colors to provide aesthetically pleasing walls.

Architects And Builders As Your Design Resource

Ask your professionals, architects, developers and building contractors for tips on the best concrete design and color to incorporate into your project.

It’s hard to beat the charm and appeal of PermaBrick brick walls. Expect more. Get more. It’s not your granddad’s concrete anymore.

Source:  Brick Design