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Permacast Barrier Wall Completes Taylor Morrison Job

Creating a luxury living experience with expertise and innovation requires resources, collaboration, and dedication to providing only the best for customers. A company with a reputation for these ideals will seek out superior products and resources. This is why Taylor Morrison completed their most recent development with Permacast barrier walls and fences. Using a variety of Permacast products, Taylor Morrison brought out the beauty and exquisite design they’re known for, giving their customers even more great reasons to rely on them as America’s Most Trusted Home Builder. The dynamic collaboration between the two companies leaves this new, luxury complex safe, secure and beautiful. Take a look at how Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls can contribute to the excellence your customers have come to expect.

Inspired homes- Taylor Morrison
With over a century of practice, Taylor Morisson knows what it takes to build more than houses and housing developments. They know what it takes to build a home. Using inspiring designs, amenities to fit their customers’ lifestyles, and quality resources that will stand the test of time, Taylor Morrison builds a trusting relationship with each of their customers. They use a discerning eye to choose the perfect materials, locations, and details that make a house a home. Their legacy as America’s Most Trusted Home Builder is an important one, and one they do not take lightly. As experts in their field, Taylor Morrison chooses locations that will fulfill their customers’ dreams. They collaborate with quality companies like Permacast to provide top-of-the-line resources. And they do all of this with one focus: building your perfect home.


Luxury Living in Paradise- Rocky Point
Choosing a location is just the beginning of the journey with Taylor Morrison, but it’s an important first step. Rocky Point, near Tampa International Airport, is a luxury community known for its fabulous amenities. Home to one of Florida’s oldest golf courses, Rocky Point is situated between Tampa and Clearwater, right on the Courtney Campbell Causeway. This little slice of paradise is home to several residential developments, restaurants, luxury hotels, and even the world headquarters of Shriner’s International. Besides beautiful homes, Rocky Point offers its residents and visitors an exotic lifestyle near beaches, golf, and shopping.

Final Touches- Permacast
With such a high-end development being created in a community like Rocky Point, Taylor Morrison found it appropriate to use only the best resources and materials for all of their amenities. Choosing Permacast for their concrete walls and perimeter fencing only made sense. We not only provide beautiful designs that can be tailored to any specifications, but our walls also create much-desired privacy. They are noise-reducing and increase security around the entire development. Strong, durable and efficient, our walls and fences will provide lasting comfort and security to residents as well as a beautiful finish to the entire project. Inclusion in high-end developments like this is an example of how Permacast has become the go-to provider for developers and HOAs looking for reliable, affordable products in precast concrete fencing and walls.

Consider what Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls can do for you and your team’s next project. How can we bring our high levels of quality, durability, and affordability to your design, enhancing it and promoting a trusting relationship between your customers and you? Talk to us about your vision for your next project and we’ll show you how we can help. Together we can build a lasting reputation for quality, experience, and innovation.