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What Will Your Fence Look Like in 100 Years?

When getting started, it’s easy to make your fence choices based on looks.  Depending on your style, you could choose from any number of materials and be satisfied with the appearance.  Over time, however, you’ll find that many of these do not keep their appearance.  Here’s what your fence will look like in 100 years.

Permacast Precast Concrete and Other Fences After a Century


Wooden fences may be more durable than you think, but they certainly won’t be as pretty in 100 years.  They require yearly maintenance, including cleaning, refreshing stains/treatments, and repairs as needed.  If your wooden fence is still standing in 100 years, it will likely be warped and partially rotted.  


If you like the look of wooden fencing, but want less maintenance, you may opt for vinyl.  Low maintenance is one of the major benefits of vinyl fencing.  In 100 years, however, vinyl can be even worse off than wood.  Vinyl is more fragile and unable to withstand what other materials can handle.  In 100 years, if it still existed, it would likely be cracked, dented, and in poor shape.


Brick is a solid and appealing material.  Over time, however, brick can begin crumbling and weathering down.  Brick will definitely last 100 years, with little maintenance.  In 100 years, it will have worn and weathered a bit and will not be as fresh or visually appealing.  It will have started crumbling, and most likely need to be resealed.


Iron fences are beautiful and will still be standing in 100 years. Unfortunately, they will have started to rust, making them less durable and visually appealing than their original form.

Permacast Precast Concrete

Precast concrete stands the test of time. And 100 years, due to its weatherproof nature and reinforced structure, Permacast precast concrete will still be standing.  Because it is formed into molds and built to last, it will still be in great shape, and remain visually appealing over time.  Your ancestors or future occupants will have the benefits of security and noise reduction that Permacast precast concrete offers.
With all of these different materials to choose from, it’s easy to be confused.  Choose the material that is built to last.  Ask yourself what your fence will look like in 100 years.


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