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Keeping it All Together with Forta-Ferro Fiber

What do you think is the secret behind our Permacast precast concrete?  It’s strong, durable, and can last 100 years in spite of extreme weather conditions.  Let us tell you one of our secrets- Forta-Ferro fiber in each cast.

Permacast Precast Concrete Has a Secret Weapon of Strength

 One of the main benefits of a Permacast wall is its longevity.  Our fences and walls don’t crumble under pressure, and they don’t deteriorate over time the way that regular brick or stone walls may.  

This strength is due in large part to our process of fortification using Forta-Ferro Fiber.  Crumbling, a definite factor in traditional concrete can be deterred effectively with this process.  Reinforcement is not a new concept.  Mud bricks used to be reinforced with hay to keep their shape.  Forta-Ferro fiber is a lot stronger.

The fiber is made up of a twisted bundle of fiber and monofilament.  When used in concrete, it creates a strong reinforcement that extends the longevity of the concrete and helps protect against weather, wind and other forms of damage.  This fiber is uniquely patented and is a blend of two fibers.

To ensure durability, Forta Ferro fibers are tested by agencies, laboratories, and testing facilities. They run a variety of tests in different areas, including impact resistance, flexural strength, and residual strength.  The product is tested in high-pressure situations to ensure its quality.

So, how does Forta-Ferro fiber get into the Permacast walls?  It is added to the concrete during the mixing process to ensure that it is fully distributed for optimum reinforcement.  The end result is about five to twelve pounds of Forta-Ferro Fibers.  The fibers help make the wall strong and durable.    

Did you know about Forta-Ferro fibers before reading this article?  Had you heard of similar reinforcement?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!