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These days, we’re all concerned about safety. Too often, we’ve charged a simple chain link fence to protect our most vulnerable facilities, including electric grid substations, critical infrastructure, water treatment plants, natural gas processing plants, power plants, liquid natural gas facilities, and oil refineries. And yet a chain link fence is easily penetrated by a bullet or other weapon, putting both the facility it encloses and nearby communities at risk. Power grid attacks on substations and critical infrastructure are on the rise. Permacast Walls helps harden critical infrastructure (CIP-014), substations, data storage centers, public power assets, rural electric cooperatives, and investor-owned utilities across the United States with cost-effective physical security solutions.

The PermaWall 2.0 Ballistic Resistant Design (BRD) averts this activity, deterring and disrupting potential attacks. This blast-resistant, crash-resistant, and ballistic resistant wall meets the Level 10 UL 752 requirements, meaning it can resist a .50 caliber bullet and passes all Global Ballistic Standards.

All Global Ballistic Standards Pass / Fail
ASTM Ballistic Standards Pass
Australian Ballistic Standards Pass
British Ballistic Standards Pass
Brunswick Ballistic Standards Pass
Canadian Ballistic Standards Pass
European Standard EN 1063 Ballistic Standards Pass
European EN 1522 / 1523 Ballistic Standards Pass
Federal Railroad Administration FRA Ballistic Standards Pass
German DIN Ballistic Standards Pass
MIL-SAMIT Ballistic Standards Pass
National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Ballistic Standards Pass
State Department (SD) Ballistic Standards Pass
UL 752 Standards Pass

Engineering Specs, Shop & CAD Drawings

Our specs and drawings offer detailed insight into our precast concrete products, including ballistic resistant walls and perimeter security fence panel systems for physical security grid hardening electric substation security walls, data storage centers, and critical infrastructure. Click ‘Learn More’ to request them today, or visit our Download Center.

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