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Permawall 1.0

PERMAWALL 1.0 is Permacast's original precast concrete wall. Our claim-to-fame product makes the perfect addition to your community or commercial property, providing a lasting sense of security and protection.

Permacast’s precast concrete walls are available in any height in a variety of textures. Both options are a great solution for enclosing communities or commercial sites. Our PermaWalls and Fences are designed to slide into each other, allowing for total customization based on your site’s needs. Since our walls can be built to any scale, it’s easy to work within municipal height restrictions or to meet security requirements. No matter how high you build them, Permacast walls provide a solid sound barrier as well as a sense of safety, and they look good doing it. A great way to preserve landscaping, our walls make a handsome addition to your community.

You’ll find Permacast precast concrete walls enclosing churches, schools, housing developments and mobile home parks. They protect water treatment plants, power plants and metal recycling facilities. They’re problem-solvers and defenders that truly go the distance. Over time, concrete gets harder, which means your investment only gets stronger the longer it’s there.


PermaWall 1.0 has always been the “work horse” of the Permacast line up. It is a solid, versatile choice, available in any height. It works interchangeably with PermaWall 2.0 and PermaFence, appealing to HOA’s, developers and property managers because of its relatively small footprint, openness to customization and easy install. The 1.0 is an accommodating and affordable choice.

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Textures & Colors

PermaFence is available in sand stone texture, which blends perfectlyPermaWall 1.0 is available in three different textures, allowing you to find the perfect complement to your site. Brick, sand and stone textures have an inviting, contemporary appeal.

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Engineering Specs, Shop & CAD Drawings

Our specs and drawings offer detailed insight into all of our products. Just click ‘Learn More’ to request them today, or visit our Download Center.

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