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Brick Wall Fence

PermaBrick: Affordable & Durable Brick Wall Fence. Beautiful brick design with versatile finishing options.

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Permacast’s precast brick wall fence, also known as PermaBrick, is the strong and durable answer to a hand laid brick wall. Hand laid brick wall fences have been a desirable option nationwide for enclosing communities and HOA’s. The epitome of traditional style and class, the Permacast Brick Wall Fence mimics hand laid brick. Strength and affordability are the staples of this elegant design.

The History of Brick

The use of brick dates back to before 7500 BC. Brick was originally created from dried, clay-bearing earth. This popular building material was used in ancient Rome, China, and the Middle East. Brick continued to be a popular material for building construction until the early 20th century, when its use declined after earthquakes. San Francisco’s earthquake of 1906 revealed the limited strength of brick buildings, many of them crumbling to the ground.

Hand Laid Brick Fence vs. Precast Brick Wall Fence

A hand laid brick wall fence is created from individual blocks or single units of ceramic material. This causes a hand laid brick fence wall to lack durability, efficiency, and affordability. A very high number of labor hours are required for installation. Thus, the hand laid brick wall fence is a much higher cost option with a much more complicated installation process. Cracks easily form in hand laid brick walls, making it much less strong. PermaBrick’s strength is created from the use of 5,000 psi concrete with structural fiber. An easy and quick installation process also allows PermaBrick to be the least expensive price option.

Permacast’s precast brick wall fence is designed from carefully chosen hand-laid brick, creating an attractive design. The concrete is then poured into vertically casted molds. Rustic or aged brick can easily be accomplished by applying low pressure during the coating process. If more pressure is applied, a modern style is achieved.

The Permacast Brick Wall Fence is a innovative, versatile, design option that is popular nationwide.