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PermaSand: Concrete Fencing with Sand Stucco Texture

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PermaSand Stucco Concrete Fencing vs. Traditional Stucco

Sand stucco concrete fencing by Permacast is a uniform structure with the strength of a concrete wall while providing the aesthetics of traditional stucco finish.

Traditional sand stucco is created from three components: aggregate (sand), a binder, and water. Applied wet, stucco hardens creating a texture that can be applied to sides of buildings, brick, or stone surface. Reinforcement lattice can be attached to increase the thickness. While this increases the strength, it is still not as durable as the concrete fencing option. In addition, traditional sand stucco is a multi-step process with many moving parts, exponentially increasing the cost of the structure.

PermaSand stucco concrete fencing is created from a mold designed with traditional sand stucco itself. Solid 5,000 psi concrete with structurally reinforced rebar is poured into the form, creating a strong and durable structure. The stucco appearance is reached in the manufacturing process of the concrete fencing itself and easily matches the stucco appearance of surrounding homes or building, creating a uniform look.

Another benefit to the PermaSand stucco concrete fencing is its longevity. A lifespan of 100 years is easily achievable. Traditional stucco applied after the production process can chip easily, with each chip having the possibility of growing in size. The lifespan is simply not as long as if it was uniform to the wall. In addition, stucco applied after the concrete fencing is created opens the possibility of moisture penetrating the structure, especially in humid climates. Once moisture enters the concrete fencing, it becomes trapped behind the wall and cannot escape. This causes mold and fungus development. Staining, known as ‘stucco tears’, is created from algae in the stucco itself. Mold and fungus can largely decrease the lifespan of the structure.

With PermaSand stucco concrete fencing there is little to no maintentance, while still providing the aesthetically pleasing texture. Coupled with the strength and durability of concrete fencing, this is the perfect solution to your sand stucco requirements.