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PermaStone: Precast Stone Wall

Made from vertically stacked hand chosen stones.


PermaStone Precast Stone Walls combine the elegance of a dry stacked stone wall with the durability and strength of concrete.

A dry stone wall traditionally is formed by stacking rocks in a special formation to form pressure, thus keeping the wall from shifting. The result is a beautiful, classic, look but unfortunately lacks a long lifespan or affordable option. To enclose an entire community with hand-laid stacked stone wall would be astronomical in price. The wall would also lack durability and sound protection as tiny spaces would allow elements of weather and noise to seep in.

Stone veneer has also been a popular yet expensive option. Sure there can be a sturdy concrete wall behind the veneer, but adding the veneer as an after effect is labor-intensive, expensive, and extremely time consuming. Moisture also becomes an issue as it can actually seep behind the veneer, exposing the concrete wall to mold and fungus.

PermaStone Precast Stone Wall vs. Hand Laid or Veneered Wall

The PermaStone precast stone wall is an extremely elegant and affordable option to the desired stone wall. Permacast’s precast stone walls are created from our patented vertical forming systems. The liners for this product are made from hand-laid stone that was carefully chosen, cut, and configured beforehand, ensuring variety and contrast in the design. 5,000 psi concrete mixed with structurally reinforced rebar creates a wall strong enough to sustain high winds, rain, snow, or ice.

Precast stone walls by Permacast are little to no maintenance. A multi-generational lifespan is possible providing protection and privacy for over 100 years.

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