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PermaWall 2.0

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The ultimate in precast concrete fencing.
The legendary PERMAWALL 2.0 redefines durability and efficiency
General Info

Permawall 2.0 is our newest product that we are extremely proud of and has been in the design phase for far too long. The columns for 2.0 are spaced to be 20’ apart. This wall panel is extremely strong, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.


Permawall 2.0 really excels on new projects where access is not an issue. This wall system can be installed at a ridiculously fast pace and can be designed to exceed any wind load in the country.

Available Textures/Finishes

Permawall 2.0 currently comes in a beautiful and classy sand finish which has always been one of our most popular finishes. Permacast will soon be developing the 2.0 wall

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All of the Sand Finish walls are painted. The paint used by Permacast is always a product that is specifically engineered to be used on concrete. We sometimes paint and sometimes used integral colored concrete on the Stone Finish.

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Wondering what the finished project will look like? Take a look at our product gallery and view some of our amazing projects.

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