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How Permacast Retaining Walls in Orlando Can Save You Money

Permacast retaining walls in Orlando are used to hold back soil at high pressures, and Permacast fencing is used for privacy, noise pollution reduction, and security.  retaining-walls-in-orlando

So, how can these strong, resilient structures possibly save you money?  There are several ways you can save money by choosing Permacast for your retaining walls in Orlando and fencing needs.

Installation of fencing can be very expensive.  Hiring a professional to pour a traditional concrete wall, or lay a stone or brick wall piece by piece, costs money because it takes time.  

Traditional Fencing vs. Permacast Fencing

Traditional fencing is labor intensive, and requires an intricate installation process.  Not Permacast precast concrete fencing, however.  

Our installation process is simple.  Once we prepare your land for access and installation, our team will lay a gravel base for your fence.  Then, we’ll start installing the fence one wall at a time.  

Each wall will be erected and braced. Then the next wall is erected and braced.  The process will move down the line, allowing for swift and efficient installation.  

This installation process saves a huge amount of time, and therefore cuts down on the labor and hours needed to install a complete fence.  

This saves you a great deal of money in comparison to traditional concrete fence installation, brick fence installation, and stone fence installation.

Our Retaining Walls in Orlando Stand the Test of Time

Durability is another feature of Permacast products.  Our concrete walls are made from precast concrete. It is 5,000 psi concrete poured into a mold to create a wall in multiple patterns and finish options.  

What makes it completely unique is that it is reinforced with Forta Ferro fiber. It is based on reinforcement practices that have been used in structures since the beginning of construction.  

The concrete material contributes to the durability of Permacast products in many ways.  For one thing, it is nearly weatherproof.  It does not fade, and can handle high winds, constant sun and high temperatures.  

Most importantly, dense concrete like that found in Permacast walls and fencing can handle high and varying levels of moisture. This is a primary cause of deterioration in other products.  The Forta Ferro fiber prevents cracking and crumbling, and adds long term durability.  

Permacast walls can easily last over 100 years in great condition. This means that when you choose Permacast, you are essentially choosing a product with no maintenance necessary.  

This means that you don’t need to pay for maintenance, rarely ever need to pay for repair, and don’t need to pay for replacement throughout the lifetime of the fence.  This saves you a lot of money.

By purchasing a superior product through Permacast, you not only save money in the initial purchase by cutting down on installation. However, you make the economic choice of a lifetime product that will not cost you a fortune in repairs or replacement.  

If you are ready to make the economic choice, contact Permacast for an estimate and get ready to start building your precast concrete fence or retaining walls.