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Permacast concrete fence vs wood fence

The Best Wall To Resist Termites And Dry Rot In Florida

Avoid the cost and headache of extensive and expensive wood fence replacement with beautiful Permacast walls in Florida.  Permacast walls come in brick, stacked stone, and sand stucco finishes.

Permacast Walls in Florida Can Help Resist Termites on Your Property

Permacast Affordable, Long-Lasting Fencing vs. Wood Fencing

In Florida, say the word dry rot and many locals know exactly what you’re talking about. What exactly is it? In a word, decay caused by certain species of fungi that digest parts of the wood. Sounds like something you don’t want to have in your neighborhood. How would you even know you had dry rot? It has to do with dampness, 20% or more to be exact. Dry rot affects lumber that is damp, which in Florida is most of the time.

Termites – An Expensive Problem You Don’t Want To Have

The brother to dry rot in Florida is termites, little organisms with scary names like Rhinotermitidae – a family of termites that feed on wood and can cause extensive damage to fences or other wooden structures.

Termites will weaken the fence until they destroy it, and then may move on to your house. The colony will look for another food source within 100 yards, including trees and homes.

Permacast Fencing – Top Quality And Durability

However, there’s good news. Termites run when they hear the word Permacast. This material is not on the menu of any termite, nothing yummy for them to devour. Your fence will last and you avoid the cost of expensive wood replacement.

It is a nice feeling to know that the construction you paid for once will not have to be repeated.  If you live in Florida, you will sleep better knowing your investment is not the dinner plate for fungus and little creatures in the night.

Select the best wall to resist termites and dry rot, be it PermaWall Precast Concrete Wall, PermaFence Concrete Fencing or Precast Concrete Retaining Wall.

Do It Right The First Time With Permacast

Permacast’s Precast Concrete Walls are a great solution for residential communities and commercial projects and is available in brick, stacked stone, and sand stucco finishes. Permacast is an affordable, long-lasting option for homeowner’s associations, schools and universities, churches, and neighborhoods. It’s also easy to install in areas with limited space, a great solution to preserve existing landscaping and a solid sound barrier against noise.

A Century Of Protection

Since concrete hardens and strengthens over time, it’s possible for Permacast walls to last up to 100 years making your investment a very wise decision.