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Permacast precast concrete fence finish

The Process of Making PermaStone

PermaStone is one of our most popular choices when choosing a precast concrete finish.  This is a beautiful finish and requires a detailed and specific process to make.  Here are the steps we take to create PermaStone.

PermaStone Precast Concrete Finish Creation Process

Step One:  Choose the Stone
Each stone is carefully chosen based on size, shape and smoothness.  They are selected to create an overall pleasing image when piled into a wall.  They must be around a medium size with smooth lines.  In the end, thousands of stones are looked through to find the perfect mix.
Step Two:  Place the Stones
After the perfect stones are collected, they are placed in pattern into the mold.  The goal is to have each PermaStone panel look unique.  The stones are placed in the master mold with care and assurance that nothing sticks out of place, and there is a preferred mix of small, medium, and large stones.
Step Three:  Pour the Concrete
Once the mold is complete, the stones are removed and the concrete is poured, with any reinforcing material necessary.  The precast concrete takes the shape of the stone wall that has been created in the mold.


Step Four:  Paint

An artist then paints the concrete, once it is removed from the mold, to give it an authentic look.  They use a base coat, then layer colors on different stones, and highlight areas to create a realistic use of light and shadow. When the wall is completed, it looks like a beautiful hand-laid stacked stone wall but has far superior strength,  durability,  while costing much less.

Step Five:  Coat

A protective coat is applied over the paint to ensure its lasting quality.  When the wall is completed, it looks like an authentic and beautiful hand-stacked stone wall and can be used for many purposes.