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Power Grid Substation Attacks

Permacast Walls / Power Grid Substation Attacks

Power grid attacks on substations and critical infrastructure throughout North America are rising. The U.S. power grid comprises over 2,000 municipal utilities, 6,400 power plants, and 55,000 substations. Many of these facilities are not manned or hardened, with a chain link fence being the only form of protection. Permacast Walls has compiled a list of articles covering physical power grid attacks on substations with links and authors to show the importance of precast concrete ballistic walls.

Permacast’s precast concrete ballistic wall systems provide physical grid security and are explicitly designed to protect and harden America’s critical infrastructure. Numerous public power, rural electric cooperatives, and investor-owned utilities across the United States use our precast concrete security walls to harden their equipment. Our ballistic walls meet the Level 10 UL 752 requirements, meaning they can resist a .50 caliber bullet and pass all Global Ballistic Standards.

Grid Substation Attacks

Grid Substation Attacks

Fox Business – 1/22/23

US Power Grid Attacks

U.S. Power Grid Attacks

Time Magazine – 1/9/23

Domestic Terrorists Target Power Grid

Washington Substation Attacks

Fox News – 1/4/23

Pacific Northwest Substation Attacks

Pacific Northwest Substation Attacks

Seattle Times – 12/30/22

Power Grid Attacks Increasing

Power Grid Attacks Increasing

USA Today – 12/30/22

Physical Power Grid Attacks

Physical Attacks On Power Grid Surge

Politico – 12/26/22

FERC Orders Substation Security Review

FERC Orders Review Of Substation Security Standards

Missouri Independent – 12/22/22

Power Grid Vulnerability

Power Grid’s Vulnerabilities

Tampa Bay Times 12/9/22

Duke Substation Attacks

Duke Substation Attack Is One Of Many

POWERGRID International 12/9/22

Sniper Attack Utah Substation

Sniper Attack On Utah Buckskin Substation

Utility Dive – 10/13/16

Threat To The Grid

Threat To The Grid

Fox News – 12/20/15