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In 2006, there were attractive, strong, durable concrete walls available—for a price. And those walls were difficult to transport and cumbersome to install, requiring cranes, machinery and a lot of man power to put into place. Intrigued, a team of developers began digging into every aspect of the concrete wall industry, extensively researching each product and examining every step in the process, from creation to installation. They were looking to prove that you could design an affordable concrete wall that was just as tough, just as durable and just as good-looking as the others, and they did.

Permacast and its products were formed after developers realized that a wall’s affordability depends on how it’s produced. Through testing, the team created vertical casting molds, leading to concrete walls that were as strong and sturdy as ever, but much lighter. Suddenly, concrete walls could be shipped for less and installed more easily, using only light-duty equipment.

Today, Permacast precast concrete walls are the most durable, efficient and affordable on the market. Our research and design team continues to develop innovative products that apply our technology to new solutions and make us the fastest precast manufacturer & installer on the market. Interested? Contact us below or take a look at our service locations & availability here.