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Precast Concrete Fabrication Techniques

In the world of construction, making concrete slabs fit correctly the first time can be a frustrating task. Pouring concrete is a messy process that is often subjected to the surrounding environmental conditions, including weather and the surrounding area. However, when products are pre-designed in-house, the outcome is far more predictable and the amount of waste becomes negligible, creating a more efficient production process all the way around. At Permacast Precast Concrete, we attribute our efficiency and low expense to our adjustable molds, which allow us to create the perfect slab of concrete the first, every time. 

In-House Design

Since Permacast creates our concrete walls, fences and other products in our warehouse, the panels meet exact specifications each and every time. The precision of this process allows us to keep costs low. It’s also predictable, which means we know exactly how much aggregate and other materials to use in the mix, reducing waste from trial and error. The indoor environment eliminates any environmental concerns, as well, so we always complete projects on time.

Our Unique Mold System 

We attribute our efficiency and low cost to our fabrication techniques. Using a set mold to pour our concrete, we can create panels that match the builder’s specifications exactly. Our molds are adjustable, so we can make each panel as thick as needed, with no guesswork involved. Since this process is standard for our company, we are among the fastest and most accurate when it comes to production. 

Efficiency of Production

Thanks to this incredibly efficient process, Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls is quickly becoming the leader in our field. We know what our customers want and we can create a customized product in a fraction of the time it would take for an in-situ company to pour their concrete. The savings don’t just stop there- with Permacast, our customers save money as well as time on their projects. Without extra materials going to waste, extra resources being consumed or extra time being spent on labor, we are able to quickly create quality products that last for less cost. 

If you haven’t yet considered using precast concrete for your next project, now is the time to check us out. Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls is leading the way in the field of precast concrete with good reason. We are knowledgeable, efficient and happy to show you how our products can improve your next project. Talk to one of our professionals today or sign up for our next Lunch & Learn to bring questions to our experts! We’re changing the face of concrete production and we’re eager to bring you with us!