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Precast Concrete Fences Withstand Mother Nature

For a lot of people building on their property, cost is a concern.  That’s why they opt for materials like metal, brick or wood for their fences, thinking it costs so much less than precast concrete.  However, that’s looking at costs in the short term.  The initial investment you’re putting into precast concrete fence construction may be slightly higher, but the alternative materials you’re using are far more durable. That quote, “You get what you pay for,” applies perfectly here.

 Precast Concrete Fence Construction Lasts Through the Storms

Wood and metal buckle when exposed to the elements. Wood splits when exposed to constant rain water and snow and metal rusts in an environment where there’s constant moisture. That makes both of them not ideal materials for fences- structures which are outside the home, battling the elements on a daily basis. This is especially true for homes which are in places with harshest seasons.

To demonstrate just how strong and durable precast concrete is, check out the remnants from the recent tsunami catastrophe in Japan. Millions of lives were lost and millions worth of property were destroyed. Most of the homes in coastal areas were wiped out, except the precast fences that have been there for decades.

That got a lot of disaster prevention researchers to look into just how vast the use is for precast concrete in a disaster scenario, and they found that it’s the best option to use for extreme elements. The reason for this is that precast concrete has the most chance of withstanding the most severe of elements. Engineers and trusted names in disaster prevention, like Engr. Kent Yu, Ph.D. and Oregon State University geologists, trust it so much that they’ve designed tsunami resistant buildings using this material. They believe that with the strategic use of this precast concrete they can build structures that can endure water and debris in the case of a storm surge.

If experts believe that precast can do all that against the worst of conditions, imagine how long you will get to have that for your property. It could last several lifetimes, making precast concrete fences a smarter and less expensive choice than the alternatives.

Precast concrete is also far more aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to design and paint the structure to you liking. You can even follow the exterior theme of your building and use it for your concrete fences as well.