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Forta-Ferro Fiber in Permacast Walls

Permacast walls are unique in several ways.  One of the main benefits of a Permacast wall, however, is its longevity.  Permacast walls do not crumble or wear as regular brick or stone walls may.  This is due in large part to the extra fortification provided by Forta-Ferro Fiber in Permacast walls.        

Concrete walls made in a traditional sense can undergo a series of issues.  Weather is a major factor.  The Florida heat can cause cracking prematurely, and strong winds or moisture can wear down the concrete after a while.  Crumbling is also a factor, and can occur over time and make your wall ineffectual.  Because of the unique process used to create Permacast walls, and the Forta-Ferro Fiber as reinforcement, we are able to reduce the possibility of damage and extend the life of our walls.        

Permacast walls are enforced with Forta-Ferro Fiber.  This fiber is color blended and made up of a twisted bundle of fiber and monofilament.  When used in concrete, it creates a strong reinforcement that extends the longevity of the concrete and helps protect against weather, winds, and other forms of damage.  This fiber is uniquely patented, and is a blend of two fibers.  The standard fiber reduces and controls shrinkage and temperature cracking.  The more heavy duty monofilament fiber is often used to reinforce steel, and is incredibly strong.

 In order to ensure that you are receiving a high quality product, Forta Ferro fibers are tested by agencies, laboratories, and testing facilities.  They run a variety of tests in different areas, including impact resistance, flexural strength, and residual strength.  It has been tested in high pressure circumstances, and has been used to reinforce steel for streets and bridge decks.        

The Forta-Ferro Fiber is added to the concrete during the mixing process to ensure that it is fully reinforced.  When used on Permacast walls, the fibers ensure that the walls remain strong and durable.  For every yard of Precast concrete fence cost per foot, there are five to twelve pounds of Forta-Ferro Fibers.       

The fiber reinforcement concept has been around for thousands of years.  The ancient Egyptians used straw and mud to create solid structures, with the straw being the reinforcing factor.  Early plasterers added pig hair and horse hair to the plaster.  These methods created a more solid and strong structure.  The Forta Corporation, using this concept and enhancing it, is a worldwide leader in the research and development of synthetic fibers.       

At Permacast, we pride ourselves on using the latest available industry tactics to ensure that we provide an exceptional product.  Combining the unique Permacast wall with the one of a kind Forta Ferro fibers creates a dually strong product that offers longevity, durability, and the utmost quality.