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Soundproofing Tips for Your Commercial Building

Whether you own a small office or a multi-level commercial apartment building, soundproofing is crucial to the comfort of your tenants. No office wants to speak with a client while fighting over the noise of construction outside, and no renter wants to live in an apartment that sounds like it is located outside. Luckily, we’ve got some noise reduction tips to help you out, including precast concrete fence installation.

Precast Concrete Fence Installation Helps Soundproofing

Walls are a common source of noise pollution, and therefore proper absorption techniques can help your walls stand strong against noise. This is achieved through insulation, and in the case of soundproofing, you are using a fiberglass barrier to insulate the property. But if your goal is simply to reduce noise pollution, you just wanted to make sure you have a strong insulation that will help absorb some of the sound coming through the walls.

Windows are also one of the most common sources of noise leaking in any building.  The least resistant windows to noise are single paned, wooden framed windows.  Investing in double paned windows with a vinyl frame will immediately help to reduce noise.  If you are in a large commercial building, you may be using a steel or other material frame.  Just opt for thick, double paned windows with heavy insulation around the borders.  This insulation is called a plug, and is usually a way to plug up any cracks around the window where noise and air can seep through.

Another way to make sure that your commercial building is less noisy is carpeting. While carpeting may be tougher than flooring to clean, if you have a large building it is a great way to reduce noise pollution. Noise pollution can occur from inside elements as much as outside. No one wants to work in a cafeteria!

Of course, if you would like to really noise proof your building, precast concrete fence installation will do that to some extent. Offered in 6-foot and 8-foot heights, a precast concrete fence blocks from outside your property. The fence acts as a noise barrier for traffic, I’m doing a dance and general public activity. You can turn your commercial property into a retreat by installing a precast concrete fence.

When you own a commercial property, it’s important to know what your tenants are looking for. Whether you are renting for residential or office purposes, your commercial building will be more in demand if people can expect privacy and minimal Environmental interruptions.


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