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Precast Concrete Fence Pillars Stand the Test of Time

At Permacast, our precast concrete fence pillars and concrete fences stand the test of time.  We install durable, weather resistant, quality precast fencing.  Our fencing comes in a variety of attractive finishes.  precast concrete fence pillars

With all of these qualities, you’ll want to get your precast fence installed as soon as possible.  However, if you have an existing fence in place, this may prove difficult.  

Here are some tips for getting rid of that old fence and making way for your new Permacast fence.

Precast Concrete Fence Pillars

Before you begin to remove your fence, make sure you find out if you are legally allowed to do so.  If you are a housing complex or commercial property in a private area, you should have no issues.  

However, if the fence straddles the property line between you and your neighbor, you’ll have to find out if removal is an option.  Once you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to get to work!

First, you should know that the fence post will be the most difficult.  Just remember, you’ll soon be replacing them with precast concrete fence pillars that will last you more than a lifetime.  

Clear the area around the post first.  Then, attach a garden hose and douse the area around the post with water.  Wiggle the post and insert a spike tool into the ground at the edge of the base.   Attempt to pry the post out of the ground, and repeat these steps until it is out.

To remove the rest of the fence, you’ll need a considerable amount of time and a truck to load the materials into for disposal.  Make sure you clear the area around the fence before beginning the process so that you have room to maneuver.  

If possible, pull the truck up as close as you can to the area for easy loading.  Cover any nearby small plants so they do not get damaged in the process.

Don’t just tear out the fence in its entirety.  Instead, disassemble the fence if possible before removal.  If it is a chain link fence, unscrew the joints that hold it together.  

If it’s a wooden fence, remove the posts from the frame by removing the nails.  If your fence is stone or brick, you will need to demolish the fence and then dig out the foundation stones.

The internet is an amazing tool, and there are sites such as Craigslist or local Facebook pages that you can post items for free.  Many people are out there looking for materials, and would be willing to pick up your fence once it is taken down.  This is a great way to dispose of the material with minimal labor and no cost to you.

After you’ve disassembled your fence, it’s time to replace it with Permacast precast concrete fencing.  Not only will your property have privacy, but you will reduce noise pollution and increase security.  You’ll also be making the economic choice, since our precast fencing requires little to no maintenance due to its outstanding durability.

Removing the existing fence from your property may be labor intensive, but it will be worth it when you install your new Permacast concrete fence.  To find out which beautiful finish you want for your precast fence, call one of our representatives and arrange to look over our designs.