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Concrete Fence Post

Precast Concrete Fence Post

Concrete fences can often be one of the biggest hurdles for contractors, new developers, and those with large tracts of land who wish to secure their properties. Far too often, we see engineers, developers, and HOAs opting for metal or wood fence posts with matching fencing, which essentially gets the job done without the added protections that a precast concrete fence post provides.  

Concrete fence posts are becoming a popular choice because they:

  • Become stronger with age
  • Cannot be damaged by fire and weeds along the fence line can be burned without damaging the posts
  • Are not affected by weather, insects, or fungi
  • Will not rot which, in turn, reduces the expense and time of replacement
  • Are uniform in size and shape and are easily lined and set to produce an attractive appearance
  • Stay put while offering a sense of permanency

Concrete Fence Post History

Concrete fence posts were originally used by railroad companies to mark their right of way and farmers quickly followed suit.  A precast concrete fence post was eventually developed for use in vineyards to support grapevines citing that the concrete fence posts would typically outlast the vineyard. Examples of early concrete posts for fencing can be found in older areas of the United States and abroad, where wire fencing is strung between a series of posts to create “concrete fencing.”

Today, there are many types of precast concrete fencepost products on the market, but we at Permacast Walls feel that the best precast concrete fence post and fencing systems come from us. Our precast concrete wall systems have drastically reduced the time, money, and effort required to manufacture and install precast concrete fence posts and concrete panels.  As the leader in innovative precast concrete fencing, we offer a variety of finishes and have grown since 2006 to become the go-to provider for developers and HOAS looking for a reliable but affordable product.

Concrete Fencing Posts, Panels, Walls

Our precast concrete wall features:

  • 5,000 psi concrete panels
  • 6′ or 8′ tall standard panel height with other height options available
  • 10′ wide panels with 14″ columns
  • Finishes include Sand, Brick, and Stacked Stone
  • Shippable to anywhere in the United States
  • Created with the highest quality concrete from US Distributors
  • Has the ability to be installed while preserving trees and most landscaping

Permacast Walls not only uses precast concrete fence posts but also casts and installs reinforced concrete fence panels to go along with them.

If you are considering a concrete wall system for your new development, let us give you a quote by calling 1-888-977-9255 or fill out our contact form and we will give you a call.