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Permacast concrete fencing installation

Precast Concrete Fencing Installation

There are many things to consider when thinking about precast concrete fencing installation. It involves careful planning, gathering materials, permits, and heavy equipment. This is why many property owners hire professional precast concrete fencing installation companies to erect them. Permacast Walls is the innovative leader when it comes to precast concrete fence. We can install up to 2,000 linear feet per week or more with a larger crew. This is not DIY project to be finished in a weekend. You need to have a professional install precast concrete fencing. Just to give you an idea to how much is involved here are the basic steps from planning to completion.
Precast concrete fence installation by Permacast


Precast concrete fencing installation requires that you first measure the area where the fence will be built. Then, get any necessary permits. Each city has different requirements for base and wall thickness as well as permits for the use of the crane. States may have their own regulations as well. A crane may be necessary to unload the precast concrete walls from the delivery truck, and set the walls in place.

Permacast Walls has no need for the use of a crane due to our highly optimized installation process.

Gravel Base and Walls

Once your plans, material and permits are in order, you can establish your gravel base. 8-12 inches of compacted gravel base may be enough, but you should confirm it with professional and city guidelines.

Next, the first wall can be erected. This wall needs bracing on both sides with 2×4’s to keep it in place until the second wall is up. Once the second wall is up, the braces are removed and each wall should connect perfectly. After all the precast concrete fencing is installed, you should consider sealing it. This will prevent moisture from seeping into the wall and weakening the structure.

Foundation and BackfillPermafence Precast Concrete Fencing

After the walls are up, the foundation can be put in. The foundation goes into the center of the walls and helps support the backfill. The backfill helps with support and water drainage. It’s composed of soil or other material that was removed to make room for the precast concrete fencing.

Backfilling without proper support can lead to collapse of your precast concrete fencing. To prevent this kind of problem, you want to keep the height of the backfill no higher than 4 feet. Realistically, any height of backfill used needs to be reviewed with an engineer to ensure it is sound.

These steps required to properly install a precast concrete fence show you how much is involved. This is why many property owners hire a professional for the job. Permacast Walls has become the go-to precast concrete fence provider for developers and HOA’s. The design of our products allows for competitive shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.  Call now at (888) 977-9255, fill out the form below, or contact us online today for an estimate.