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How to Choose Your Precast Concrete Finish

Choosing your precast concrete finish is an exciting experience.  It is the finishing touch to your project.  This can help enhance your property and give the right first impression to those who approach

Precast Concrete Finishes Are All About Variety

We always talk about the practicality and durability of precast concrete, but there is a beauty and aesthetic to it as well!  So, conjure your inner designer as we discuss steps for choosing your precast concrete finish.

Step One:  Take a Second Look at Your Property

In order to choose the right precast concrete finish to complement your property, you need to know your property.  Chances are, there are some details you haven’t noticed in a while.  Is this a gated community, where you want to blend but enhance the overall design?  Or is this a commercial building that you could match, or even contrast in a flattering way?  Take a good look at your property, and find aspects you like about it and want to enhance.  Remember that even the plainest buildings can have features or landscaping aspects that can be emboldened by the proper finish.  Take special note of colors and textures that appeal to you!

Step Two:  Explore Your Options

There are a wide variety of precast concrete options available.  Take a look at them and select your favorites.  Make sure to choose multiple options so that you can take the next step in choosing your finish.

Step Three:  Look for Harmony

Start pairing those colors and textures you preferred in step one to the favorite options you chose in step two.  Do the textures flatter each other or are they too contrasting?  Can you pull a subtle color from your building or landscape by incorporating it into the fencing finish?  Does the finish you prefer to provide the right tone for your property?  These are all questions you should ask yourself when choosing your finish.

Step Four:  Narrow it Down

Here’s where the tough part comes in.  You want to narrow down your options to a first and second choice so that you can start doing the proper research to make an informed decision.

Step Five:  Work with Permacast

It’s time to make a decision, with the help of a skilled professional.  Start working on cost estimates, budget, and timing.  See a live sample so that you can predict the outcome of the finished project.  If all falls into place here, you’ll have chosen the perfect finish for your project.

Which finish do you like best?  Let us know in the comments below!