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Precast Concrete Makes a Magical Upgrade

We can all appreciate the hard work and attention to detail that goes into designing a theme park. Even the smallest details are perfected to transform a normal space into something magical, fanciful and even a little other-worldly. The Legoland Theme Parks, for instance, are an excellent example of every kid’s dream: to actually walk in and among the structures they create. Part of making those dreams a reality involves the use of precast concrete. At Permacast Precast Concrete Fences & Walls, we’re excited to be part of building new worlds that amaze, astound and inspire young and old alike. Here are just a few of the ways precast concrete is participating in the building of dreams and the magic of imagination. 

Legoland Walls

Life-Like Rides

Some of the rides at Legoland, like the World of Chima interactive water ride, features over 168,000 pounds of precast stucco in its construction. Using mesh frames, stucco was added to create life-like rocks, boulders, and stalactites. The realistic environment of the ride transports visitors to the fantasy world of Chima as they engage in an epic adventure to help their hero on his quest. Thanks to the predictable nature of precast concrete, the stucco additions were completed on time, making the project’s efficiency and notable reduction of waste a huge cost-saver for Legoland.

Go-Cart Track

No theme park is totally complete without a good go-cart track. Those at Legoland are created with precast concrete, allowing the designers to quickly and accurately paint and accentuate the track with lego brand colors and accessories. Because the track is poured and created in a warehouse under controlled conditions, placing the actual concrete slabs is so easy it almost feels like cheating! Once the concrete is in place, designers blast the surface with paint, then a topcoat, completing the look with stickers that serve as stencils to create the look of an actual road or track. 

Coloring Precast Concrete

Usually, precast concrete is best colorized by mixing pigment into the aggregate during the mixing phase. Pigments are available in powder, granular and liquid forms, making this versatile feature of precast concrete simple to employ for customized designs like those at Legoland. Colorful walls, walkways, and ride features can arrive ready to install, making the magic of Legoland and other theme parks go deeper than the final appearance. The entire process becomes a fascinating exercise in living in another world of our own making.

While there are many incredible uses for precast concrete, we can’t think of any that transforms us like the precast concrete used to design theme parks like Legoland. From gorgeous entry walls and signs to life-like rocks and realistic go-cart tracks, precast concrete helps the theme park offer more to its visitors more readily. When you need your design to come to life in a timely manner, precast concrete is the way to go. Trust Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls to help you discover all the possibilities that can emerge when you invest in precast concrete on your next project. Let our ideas and innovations inspire you to dream a little bigger.