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Precast concrete site wall by Permacast

Precast Concrete Site Walls | Melbourne, FL | PermaWall

Permacast supplies the strongest precast concrete site walls to Melbourne, FL. Our products are durable and built for longevity, lasting generations while requiring little-to-no maintenance. Because the PermaSand texture is created from a mold poured from traditional sand stucco itself, there is no risk of moisture penetration or development of mold. Created from 5,000 psi concrete and structurally reinforced rebar, PermaWall will withstand the toughest elements on Florida’s east coast.

This wall, located at St. Andrew’s Manor in Melbourne, FL, displays Permacast’s Modern Deco wall and column combination. The Modern Deco style provides a modern, clean aesthetic using Deco Columns every 100 feet. This allows the wall to easily blend in to your community’s landscaping.

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