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Questions to Ask When Choosing your Precast Concrete Sound Walls

If you are looking for the perfect Precast concrete fencing or precast concrete sound walls, you’ll need to know that not all products are created equal.  Precast Concrete Sound Walls

At Permacast, we are dedicated to longevity, quality, and visual appeal.  

There are certain things you should look for in a quality provider of concrete fencing. 

And we want to ensure that you get the best of what you’re looking for.  

Here are some questions you should ask when choosing your Precast concrete fence.

Choosing the Right Precast Concrete Sound Walls

First, ask about the product itself.  A professional company will understand their product.  

The company you choose should provide quality precast concrete sound walls or precast concrete fencing. 

You’ll be counting on long-term durability, various finishes, and a distinct knowledge of the product.

You will also have to find out how the product is reinforced.  At Permacast, we reinforce our concrete fencing with Forta-Ferro Fiber. Therefore, it’s a strong fiber that will ensure the extended life and durability of the product.

Permacast fencing comes in a variety of finishes.  Always find out what finishes are available, and if your fence is going to meet your visual needs as well as your practical ones.  

Go over the finishes in detail, and be sure that you are choosing quality products.  Permacast makes its molds from a variety of real life products, meaning that authenticity is present in each design.  

With a vast range of finishes, you’ll be sure to have a look that complements your property.

Ask the Right Questions

Find out if the company offers installation.  While installation is simple, it is considered so because it is done by professionals.  

Precast fencing is installed differently than other types of fencing, and while installation is much faster, it is also unique.  

Permacast offers installation for your precast fence. Meaning that you have access to quality installation by professionals when you order from Permacast.

Ask what the requirements will be once you order. The company you order from should be able to walk you through the process.

There are typically permits to acquire before installation, and you will need to create access to the area.  

Make sure you have all of the details before you schedule your installation appointment. This means, that you can be properly prepared and avoid any delays.

Permacast precast concrete sound walls and fencing are quality products that will easily last a century.  

Make sure that you are able to verify the details and quality of your product before ordering, and to ensure that all of these details are covered, choose Permacast.