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Precast Concrete Sounds Great… But is it Environmentally Friendly?

By now you may be realizing that precast concrete truly offers so many benefits, it’s hard to ignore this option when planning a new building project. Its durability, low-cost and efficient production is certainly a big draw. But we all know that keeping our building materials environmentally-friendly is of utmost importance these days… not just for the environment itself, but also for the individuals impacted by our construction. The professionals at Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls have broken down the many ways in which our precast concrete is better for the environment, our employees and the individuals residing or working in and near precast concrete buildings and structures.

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Precast Concrete Reduces Use of Materials

The process by which precast concrete is created is so controlled that we can be incredibly exact with our materials. With computer-generated numbers, we know exactly how much of each material will be needed before beginning the production process. That means the amounts of water, aggregates, and other building materials are measured precisely and little-to-none goes to waste. 

Precast Concrete Minimizes Waste

Since we are so precise with our ingredients, coupled with the fact that we don’t build on-site, the amount of waste we produce is drastically reduced. We control the entire process of creating our precast concrete walls or fences, then erect them on-site quickly with minimal waste.

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Precast Concrete Reuses and Recycles Materials

The bits of waste that are created after our building projects are complete is often recycled into the next project. We take leftover materials from demolitions and reuse them in the production of new walls or fences. We also use recycled water in our production process as well as recycled steel. 

Precast Concrete is Non-Toxic 

Concrete is already eco-friendly insofar as it does not produce harmful chemicals or toxins. Precast concrete can be used to safely store or even transport harmful, toxic materials, as well, providing a safe barrier between unsafe materials and the environment. 

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Precast Concrete Creates Healthier Conditions for Workers & Neighbors

By utilizing the production factories and warehouses, precast concrete reduces the amount of time workers spend at a construction site. The amount of debris and clutter is drastically reduced, as well, making on-site work safer for everyone involved. Plus, since precast concrete is not being poured on-site, the amount of dust, noise, and other pollution is minimized, providing a safer building situation for neighbors. 

We know you want to provide quality materials and products at a fraction of the price to your customers and stakeholders. We do too. Now you have one more reason to applaud the merits of precast concrete. Using eco-friendly materials along with a process that cares for its workers and neighbors is not just cutting-edge, it’s part of our responsibility as we move into a new era of construction and design. So yes, precast concrete is, in fact, environmentally-friendly. Learn more about how we do what we do at one of the Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls at one of our Lunch & Learn sessions. What you discover about our products and services just might surprise you.