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Precast Concrete Stone Wall | PermaStone | Florida

PermaStone by Permacast is a precast concrete stone wall designed from hand-laid stone itself. The popularity of stone wall design has risen significantly over the past 5 years, becoming a favorite option for developers across the nation. Created from 5,000 psi structurally reinforced concrete, the PermaStone precast concrete stone wall will withstand strong winds, humidity, and UV rays. Because PermaStone is created as a uniform structure, there is no risk for moisture penetration, therefore eliminating the risk of mildew or rot. With little to no-maintenance required, PermaStone will last for generations, providing a long-term solution to enclosing new developments in the Florida region.

PermaStone is finished in a number of different recommended color options, ranging from dark desert sand to a light coastal combination.

The durability and longevity of a concrete wall, coupled with the aesthetics of a stone fence, makes PermaStone the perfect solution for developments and HOAs.

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