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Precast Concrete – The Best Choice for Protecting Public Utilities

By now you’ve seen how impressive precast concrete is when it comes to designing and securing a residential community. The walls and fences created by Permacast are easily customized and come with a long list of benefits, like our strong, enduring materials as well as our winning low-cost, high-quality combination. But did you know that our precast concrete walls and fences do more than look pretty and save you money? These amazing barriers provide security for some of our nation’s most vulnerable utility projects. By partnering with Homeland Security, we can ensure the public safety and security of the systems and facilities that keep our nation running.

Multiple Levels of Security

Since our walls and fences are designed in our own facility, we can customize our products to suit your project’s needs. The width and height of each wall or fence panel will meet specification codes, while the need for heightened security can be achieved as well. We provide a range of security levels that withstand all types of weather, including hurricane-force winds, flooding, and extreme heat. We also offer ballistic-resistant walls and substation security walls impervious to bullets and crashes, providing even more security when and where it counts. 

Bullet Resistant Wall

Most Cost-Effective

Whether you’re protecting your local power plants, waste-management locations, transmitters, power squadrons, or water treatment facilities, it’s important to choose an affordable barrier that will do the job well. Local municipalities are on tight budgets, yet the safety of a city’s public works facilities is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping a town running. City planners want to make those tax-dollars stretch without compromising the integrity of the security they put in place. With Permacast, the precast concrete walls and fences that surround a city’s major facilities will protect these valuable assets for less because they are made to order, using fewer materials and creating less waste than traditional concrete structures.

Cement Building


Our walls last. Period. Precast concrete is mixed in-house before being poured, so the measurements of each aggregate is precise. That leads to well-built products that are far less likely to crack, chip, or rot. The precision of our process not only leads to big economic savings, but it also saves you time and money in the future. Repairs are minimal and replacements are isolated. In the rare instance that a panel needs replacing, the entire wall is not compromised- we just re-create a new panel and slide it into place where the compromised panel used to be. So, choosing Permacast Precast Concrete is not just a smart financial move upfront- it’s a wise investment for the future of your city’s important facilities. 

Homeland Security is always an important topic. Maintaining, preserving, and protecting our local and national infrastructure ensures a thriving future. Permacast Precast Concrete Fencing & Walls is proud to partner with Homeland Security to provide the essential materials and products that will make our local, state, and national facilities safe. When our cities and towns can operate smoothly, people live in peace. And that type of security is invaluable.