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Precast Concrete vs. The Hurricane

We officially find ourselves in hurricane season here in Florida, which began on June 1. The Atlantic season spans the summer and fall, stretching all the way to November 30, with most of the activity seen between August and October. This year is predicted to be a higher than average season with 14 named storms anticipated. Seven of those will go on to become hurricanes, and of that group, three will be considered major (a Category 3 or above). If the prediction bears out, that means the Gulf and Atlantic coasts could see up to three storms bringing winds at speeds anywhere between 111 and 157 miles per hour—or more.

While having a plan in place is the single biggest thing you can do to put yourself in a good position this hurricane season, storm-proofing your home—and for HOAs, storm-proofing your community—should also be a top priority. Along with making sure you have enough funds on hand to address property damage should disaster strike, HOAs will also want to prioritize community repairs and have a debris-removal company at the ready. Homeowners will want to take care of any repairs as well, ensuring that they have hurricane shutters and other supplies accessible as well.

One of the biggest long-term precautions an HOA or other developers can take is to install precast concrete walls and fencing, which, of course, we here at Permacast have abundantly available.  We’ve noted our product’s durability before, but when it comes specifically to wind, there’s no better choice. Our walls and fencing not only remain standing during the worst storms, they protect what’s inside them from high-velocity projectiles and other debris that may threaten less reinforced structures. And what structures do our walls and fences most often surround? People’s homes and public facilities. In other words, the most important ones.

Built to the highest wind load standards, Permacast’s products can withstand up to 250 mph continuous winds, and they’ll keep taking a beating year after year because they resist deterioration from moisture and only get stronger over time. When it comes to Permacast’s products vs. a hurricane, there’s really no contest.